For 14 years my two sons have been healthy, active athletes. Last April, Cole, then 14, had to have knee surgery for a growth issue and would have to spend at least 12 weeks in a brace. The brace was scheduled to come off in July, with ninth grade football starting in mid August. How would he ever be ready? Kym Burke, who was training my mother at the time, gave me a call and patiently explained that he did not have to wait to train…that One on One could work with him while in the brace. She assured me that he could be healthy, strong and fast by the time his fellow ninth graders were tackling him. Ahhh….music to a mother’s ear! It worked beautifully.

Cole began the Youth Athletic Readiness Training Program in June. Kym called the orthopedist before they started and had all training pre-approved. Cole enjoyed his time with Ryan and learned a lot about posture (another great by-product for teens) and about safe movement. In August, he went to football practice where he excelled and won the “green jersey” (awarded to the fastest/strongest of that day’s drills) several times. He had a great season!

I have budgeted for not only Cole to return for Youth Fitness in 2010, but also his younger brother, Mac. Last May 7, Mac, a starting soccer player, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes (yes, 2 weeks after Cole’s knee surgery). We know One on One will help him be the best athlete he can be and teach him how to be safe, while at the same time managing his intense use of blood sugar.

Okay, so why am I calling this Part 1? I figure I will be writing another of these in about a year or so describing my own training program at One on One, which also began in June. As a life-long, exercise-hating, NON-athlete, I am amazed to find myself in the middle of a transition from a totally sedentary lifestyle to a person who actually understands and enjoys working out. More on that to come…

Kit Henshaw, State College, PA
Client since June 2008

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