On a whim one Saturday morning in December 2011, I walked into One on One and had the pleasure of speaking with Kym Burke. I had my left hip replaced in early September, did the required physical therapy, but realized I still needed help. I could not get off the floor without using my arms to pull me up, was not sure if I could cross country ski again, and getting into my SUV was difficult. I lacked strength and rotation in both hips. I immediately decided to sign up and dig into the 24 coached exercise sessions. I am so thankful I did! With the skilled guidance, pushing and encouragement of the trainers, I persisted and significantly improved! I was “sore” for 2 months, but it was worth every minute of the effort!

I now can get off the floor without using my arms, I have skied with confidence, and daily activities are done with ease. It is so exciting! I am now very “core-oriented” which has even prevented episodes of low back pain and spasm which I was prone to in the past. Also, I have been able to participate in the rigorous group workouts (which was one of my goals) and I am now doing the “fitness challenge” which previously would have been impossible. I continue to train and the improvement and challenge continues! I feel tremendous success both physically and mentally which spills over into all aspects of my life.

I am so thankful for One on One. The experience has made a very positive change in my life! Many thanks to the entire friendly, motivating One on One staff!

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