Another kind of success: Staying the course

At One on One, we see many kinds of success stories. Some are dramatic and overtly visible in short time-frames, others are realized over years and decades. Lynn Myers is one such long term success story. She is a great example of how consistent exercise over the long haul can minimize the negative effects of aging and our environment.

At age 40, Lynn started working out at One on One to prepare her to care for her first child. Now, the 61-year-old mother of three is frequently told she “doesn’t look her age.” Her pithy reply is, “Maybe this IS what 61 looks like.”

Lynn has exercised consistently for twenty years. What an accomplishment! This is even more impressive when you realize that Lynn really, really does not like to exercise. As her personal trainer and yoga instructor, I know all about this first hand! Nevertheless, with the help of One on One’s progressive programming and the accountability that comes with regularly scheduled sessions, Lynn has persevered and succeeded in improving her fitness and health.

As the years go by, the pay-off for being proactive and making fitness a top priority becomes more and more clear. Our commitment to exercise clearly allows us to do far more than others our age.

I want to express my thanks to Lynn and all of you who have stayed the course. You are a role model for what is possible when you take personal responsibility for your health and fitness over time. The magnitude of your success is growing every year.

Noel Morton M.A NASM P.F.T.

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