Following hip surgery and the appropriate therapy, I was in need of a program specifically designed to help me regain physical fitness. Kym Burke at One-on-One proceeded with great care and caution to alleviate my restricted mobility and to improve my muscle tone, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness.

Working out at One-on-One is a very pleasurable experience. There is a great camaraderie among the trainers and the clientele. The facility has excellent equipment and is always spotlessly clean.

Having recently celebrated my 80th birthday, I look forward to continuing my affiliation with One-on-One for perhaps another decade at least. By doing so, I hope to be able to slow and even reverse the aging process which is all too often accompanied by vexing physical challenges and problems.

Mimi Alexander
Client from October 1996 – December 1999; she passed away in 2008 at 89 years of age.

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