When I decided to start One on One’s Personal Fitness program in June of 2005, I was 44 and brand new in town. I knew the kind of life I wanted, but how to realize and live my vision was certainly not clear to me. I felt overwhelmed. I was overweight, anxious and not sure what I wanted to do with my life. Exactly two years later, I was three sizes smaller and enjoying the best health of my adult life. I was astonished with the results. The experience was so amazingly positive for all aspects of my life that I made a decision to become a fitness professional myself.

I prepared by participating in One on One University, an educational program that One on One has developed to teach the science and art of Personal Training. The training program was intense, but superb. It taught me more than I ever imagined. I now have two and half years of experience in my new career, as well as certifications as a personal trainer though the National Academy of Sports Medicine and as a Yoga Instructor through the White Lotus Foundation.

One on One’s professional and sincerely caring staff was the key. Throughout my time as a client (and to this day as a trainer) I have been encouraged to develop and share a vision for myself. This has helped to release a huge amount of self-imposed, fear-based limitations. My vision was taken seriously. By that I mean Kym and Bruce’s response was genuine, not flippantly positive. They honestly recognized that my vision was realistic and that a lot of hard work would be required for me to get there. The hard work has been well worth it. I love what I do.

Kym and Bruce’s personal interest and assistance has been the most incredible gift in my journey. One on One reflects their integrity and desire to help others attain their goals. It embodies principles and values that make me proud to be working here.

I am living the vision.

Noel Morton, State College, PA
Client from 2005-2008, Employee 2007-2012

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