I’ve been working out at One on One for over five years. At the start, no sweat and no pain was my mantra. I started out as an overweight couch potato with serious pain from an arthritis-like condition. I was also a very reluctant exerciser who needed lots of instruction and encouragement.

I feel fortunate to have started out with Kym Burke three times a week. At the time, I could barely manage six minutes on an elliptical trainer. Everything was a challenge for me. As the months went by, Kym taught me the correct posture for each exercise. She made our sessions so much fun that by the end of the first year I had lost about 30 pounds! I also was off all medication and totally pain free. For the second year I shifted to once a week with Kym and twice with another trainer. The switch to a new trainer ended up being easy. All trainers get the same education through “One on One University.” When they are finished they are not only knowledgeable, but are also great motivators. With a warm greeting when I arrive for a workout, they always make me feel welcome.

Over time, I gradually gained enough confidence to try working out on my own. I now meet once a week with my trainer and train myself the rest of the time. I feel so much better after I work out that discipline isn’t too much of a problem. I have had great success sticking with my program.

My husband Bob is also an enthusiastic One on One client. During times out of town we’ve tried many other gyms. Nothing we’ve seen measures up to One on One. By using the “Travel Plans” One on One created for us and a few pieces of equipment, we stay in good shape wherever we are.

We both feel very fortunate to have One on One in State College. Thanks.

Wilma Stern, State College, PA
Client since January 2004

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